Years Active: 2004 to present

My first business that I lived for day and night for the first 10 years. It is one of Canada's major immigration information websites that is still growing. Today we forward leads to others in the industry


Years Active: 2016 to present

This is key copying of the future. I work with a partner in Toronto to provide key copying services.

Immigroup's YouTube channel

Years Active: 2009 to present

With over 4000 videos and 65,000 subs. Today it makes a small advertising income and provides a few leads.


Years Active: 2019 to present

Background: I have been smoking since I was 16 years old, so when I was introduced to the Heat not Burn industry I was grateful. 30 years ago the choices if you picked up a vice were dismal, today the improvements are so much better. This site evaluates the industry and provides impartial advice to the consumer.

The self-published book will be coming soon.. 

Vital Certificates 

Years Active: 2005 to present

I have such a long history with this website. It provides assistance to Canadians struggling to get their birth, death and marriage certificates.

The Heat 180 YouTube Channel

Just starting to improve my YouTube skills so keep watching to see how I do.