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Technological change has reached a critical point and its effect on our society is and will be profound and far-reaching.

But what exactly does profound and far-reaching mean when you drill down on a specific issue, like shopping in a supermarket, watching a series on your device, or thinking about conflict in this emerging multipolar world, or whether a machine will give you your vaccine in the next pandemic?

  • If you’re interested in a better understanding of the future of technology,
  • if you’re worried about the future for your kids,
  • If you’re thinking of switching jobs,
  • If you wonder where the opportunities will be in this transition,

These are just some of the questions we are going to explore.

What we do is:

  • Carefully research the topics to gain a better view of the issues we are talking about
  • Talk to industry experts to improve our work.
  • Engage you, the reader to help improve our research. Your input can have an impact on our output.

How we do it is:

  • Slice through the overwhelming stream of news to get to the patterns behind the headlines and give you an overview of the data with easy-to-understand facts.
  • Interview experts and present the conversation to you in podcasts and in written overviews.
  • Use video to highlight the key features of whatever area of technological change we are analyzing by helping you imagine what this specific area will look like over the coming years.
  • Use interactive features like surveys to get feedback from our readers and fine-tune our research by better providing you with the information you need.

Where we’re heading

  • We want to create a community of readers who won’t feel as paralyzed by the accelerating rate of technological change that’s happening everywhere you look.
  • We’ll do this by providing you with the information you need to understand the change, so you can begin to see the possibilities – as a jobseeker, as an entrepreneur or investor, or someone interested in describing this change – and begin to make intelligent choices.
  • We’ll do this one area at a time, rather than providing broad, sweeping overviews that make for dramatic reading but don’t really point you in any specific direction.

Being flexible

  • We’ll regularly update the information in our analyses to keep up with key iterations in any process we’ve drilled down on.
  • In this environment, no prediction can be truly accurate, and no expert can cover all or even most of the possibilities. Going back and adjusting the information we’ve previously laid out for you will be fundamental, and a way of us being transparent with you, our readers. 

Be part of our community

  • Your comments are an important part of this site. The more you engage with us, the more feedback we have to correct course and adjust.