OpenAI Commands

  • Give me 50 longtail keywords to target on a blog about [Keywords].
  • Create an article outline [Keywords]
  • I need a catchy, clickbait title for [Keywords]
  • The title must start with [Keywords]
  • Write a [e.g., 150] words introduction for [Keywords]
  • Give me an FAQ section for a blog post called [“Keywords”]
  • Provide a list of semantically relevant topics that are missing for this:
  • Provide the 10 nearest semantically associated questions to [“Keywords”]
  • Rewrite the following with a positive sentiment: [Keywords]
  • Create schema markup for the same article
  • Here are possible clusters of keywords based on relevancy [Keywords]
  • Getting the keyword snippet: Answer the following in an NLP format: [Keywords].
  • Promote an article by email: Write an email with the subject line to promote my article on [Keywords].

Tips Using OpenAI

  • Use NotePad instead of Word.
  • Shortcut command to replace a word in NotePad is CTRL + H


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