A Few Words

About Me

“The greatest battle is within me.”

Always working 24/7


I create new streams of income using online tools. I only work with contractors to achieve my goals and generally it takes me a year to complete a major project. The landscape is always changing so adaptability and acquiring new skills is a given.

Perfect the process before moving on to the next project

The process

Pick a business idea and now try proving it wrong. You are in the research phase, collecting information and adapting your thinking to the reality is the main objective.

“Fall in love with your business idea at your own peril.”

What's Next?

Day 1

Business plan

Before starting ask yourself, “How can I test my idea with the least amount of time and money”. We are not talking about shortcuts but a way to run a quick experiment about your idea.

Now research, pick up the phone and network.

Day 1

Day 30 to 90

Go live with the test

Here your results will come back as the following:

  1. Complete waste of time, the idea or industry you picked is not worth pursuing.
  2. Adapt and run the test again.
  3. You are on to something; the test is a success.
Day 30 to 90

8 moth to 24 months

Perfect the process

Learn as much of your new business as possible. Here you may need to acquire new skills.

1. Learn each step of the process yourself (or as much as possible)
2. Once a process is perfected, hand it over to an outsourcer.

You’re finished, repeat the process!

8 moth to 24 months